For Youtube, VEVO, TV

︎ Landscape format
︎ Aspect Ratio : 9:16
    1920 x 1080

︎ Resolution: 1080p /HD
︎ Length: 1 min - 5 min
︎ File Format: MP4 / MOV / ProRes

︎ Storyboard
︎ Pre-production,
︎ Custom Character Design
︎ Scenic Set Designs
︎ Minute-based Claymation
︎ Post-production
︎ Weekly video call updates


︎ Set Design and Props

︎ Custom Character


If you’d like to inquire about a clay animation project, just follow my lead!

︎  For questions and general inquiries, CONTACT US.

To request a quote:
1. Click “Request a quote” or Download Quote Request Form located over here


2. Submit the form at info.nofac3productions@gmail.com and book a video call. The video call link is available at the bottom of the Quote Request Form.

3. Once submitted, you will receive an e-mail from NOFAC3 Productions about your project.